The Wise Frog

The Wise Frog

Human intent and action are like a frog trying to make a home, in the water, with leaves and twigs. It can do whatever it wants, but, ultimately the current, tide and flow of the river will always win. 

It doesn’t mean the frog should not try, because it might be successful for long periods of time. But the frog must understand that the river is its God, and some things will not always go their way.

The best it can do is get to a higher perch, once in a while, and study the river’s patterns, habits and causes. And then decide when, where and how best to make its home.

This is like our own lives. We should always strive to build happiness around us, in whichever way we choose; but without studying life, and getting to know the river’s undisclosed ways; nothing but cycles of sadness, suffering and disappointment will ensue.

Every day, we should climb the perch of wisdom — in meditation and spiritual reflection — until we reach the Truth, and the God within us all. 

This will guide us in the ways of the river, and teach us how to be wise frogs! 

From the frog in me. To the frog in you: reach that higher perch!