‘Scorpion Pose’: Indian in Dubai Breaks World Record

‘Scorpion Pose’: Indian in Dubai Breaks World Record

UAE- Dubai-based Indian yoga instructor named Yash Moradiya broke the world record for holding the longest upside-down scorpion, Khaleej Times reported on Tuesday, 10 May.

He held the position for 29 minutes and four seconds, breaking the previous record of four minutes and 47 seconds.

The 22-year-old said that his dream was to make a record-setting achievement to raise awareness of the significance of yoga.

“The scorpion position, particularly, is all about stability. The longer we hold the pose, the better we learn to establish the mental resilience to survive any critical situation we face in life with grace,” Moradiya was quoted saying by Khaleej Times.

He has consistently practised for years and has even won several awards and championships in yoga.

Moradiya has also studied philosophy and the ancient knowledge surrounding yoga to understand its roots.

“Life is about perspective. We can either defy challenges or allow challenges to defy us. Yoga gives us the ability to shape our perspective and set us a new direction for ourselves amid life’s adversities,” said Moradiya, as reported by Khaleej Times.

He has an active Instagram page on which he posts regular yoga lessons. His bio says that he is “on a mission of helping people to achieve their health and fitness goals”.

(edit from Khaleej Times)