Mysticism emanates from Spiritual connection in one’s sojourn in real life: Pamarty Venkataramana

लेखक : लेखापढी      ६ बैशाख २०७९, मंगलवार ०७:०९ मा प्रकाशित     
Mysticism emanates from Spiritual connection in one’s sojourn in real life: Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana, fondly known as Sri Ramana, is an eminent jurist. This is an exclusive Interview Story with an Eminent International Jurist/Author/Poet/WRITER/Thinker Pamarty Venkataramana

India has been famous for producing many gems in literary field. In modern era, it is a blessing to discover a diamond among shells on the beach of literature. (Lekhapadhi Magazine) is pleased to introduce SriRamana (Pamarty Venkataramana) an eminent Jurist and award-winning Poet-Author. The latest work is a book of short stories titled The Whispering Star, published in Europe and it spreads age-old wisdom of SANATANA DHARMA in a subtle manner with a view to stimulate right-thinking and a serene lifestyle among readership who are aliens to heritage of Dharmic values.

Worship of women, respect towards elders, compassion towards lesser placed in society, love of Nature and the enthralling classical style of writing has made him popular among the critics as well as academicians. 

A staunch nationalist, he is credited with saving national wealth through long court battles as chief counsel in fabled nizam jewellery matter and other high-profile cases.   

A prolific writer and good orator, Pooja Chopda interview this Son of Soil and Prophet of New Age Poetry. Here are excerpts:

1. Your book ‘The whispering star’ has been released in London. Please give some insight into it.

‘The Whispering Star’ Is my first book of short stories. The earlier ones were all books of Spiritual Poetry. This book has been published from Europe. It is an endeavor to rekindle the spirit of Humanism, Naturalism and Universalism among mankind. In India, we term it as -‘Sanatana Dharma’.

Mysticism emanates from Spiritual connection in one’s sojourn in real life. 

2. The book covers mystic and spiritual genre, is it in anyway inspired from real life stories?

Mysticism emanates from Spiritual connection in one’s sojourn in real life. Yes. Every one of these short-stories are surreal yet real-life experiences prompted by an innate faith in the existence and presence of a mighty Force higher than any scientific gadget can fathom. Mysticism emanates from Spiritual connection in one’s sojourn in real life.

You have recently been awarded as the Prophet of New Age literature and also been awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The honour conferred for the works of Poetry was in U.K. and is a decade old. The lifetime achievement award was by US based Edward Kennedy Foundation for contribution in fields of Law and Medical Research areas. Thank you all.

Tell us something about your poetry collection: a. In A Blink   b. Chasing A Shadow c. A Master’s Piece.

The first volume of Poetry IN A BLINK’ explores the ‘CAUSE OF LIFE’.

The second volume titled – ‘CHASING A SHADOW’ debates the ‘PURPOSE OF LIFE’.

The third work – ‘A MASTER’S PIECE’ praises the ‘SPIRIT OF LIFE’.

Your name has been featuring for the Padma Award for long..

 I believe the trend for these National awards has turned from famous figures to unsung patriots. Every job well done and each successful assignment handled is an award in itself.

Every receipt from my literary works goes towards education of the ‘girl-child’ in Asia and Africa.

You donate for the empowerment of poor Girl children across Asian and African countries. Given the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, how can one help empower women there?

Every receipt from my literary works goes towards education of the ‘girl-child’ in Asia and Africa.

Rogue -States look down upon womenfolk in general. We, in India, worship women as manifestation of Mother Nature or embodiments of Adi Para Shakti, the Divine Mother.

Barbaric lands would not allow you to regard a girl or a lady as an honorable human being let alone assist them in education. So, the challenge is there.

You have been monitoring researches related to green energy. Please throw some light on it

The aim is to make a meaningful contribution to global decarbonization. India must not be left behind in the global race to play a significant role in the transition to a lower-carbon, more secure, smart decentralized energy system.

There are promising signs of progress on the first count in specific projects being nurtured to find alternatives to fossil fuels and even solar or wind energy.

Green energy is an exciting goal for us to attain the Vishwaguru crown. 

Your success is known. Tell us something about the hurdles that you crossed to be here today.

Success courts many friends but it comes after all the arduous struggle to surmount various hurdles. Human elements such as envy, wickedness and lethargy are major roadblocks. Not having a ‘party-culture’ or political affiliation are drawbacks for every honest person in an unequal society. Same is the case here. 

One of the Universities abroad is doing research work on your poetries and literary work, take us through it.

A confidentiality agreement envelopes this undertaking. This is about a comparative study on literary styles, thoughtful presentation by SriRamana and Shakespeare. 

What are your future projects?

There are a few works in the pipeline

 (under print presently are a book of essays -‘ Xraying the Mahatma’ and a multiple volumes collection of special Poetry titled-‘ One Life,Many Lives’ which delves deep into the ‘philosophy of Love’, in its various facets).

You are an eminent part of the legal fraternity, given the present scenario, what is your message to the youth?

The Youth are the backbone of any society. Law is the edifice on which every democracy rests.

In the current scenario, it behooves well on part of every government to add Law and Civics as a part of the curriculum right from primary school. Every University should encourage free legal aid camps with students, teachers and judges participating actively. 

Our Youth today have great untapped potential and are glad to welcome someone prepared to give the right direction. Awareness of Law and inculcating personal values can directly benefit the Nation. 

Stay safe and healthy and fit. The nation needs you always. 

What is your bond with Nepal ?

A deep bonding exists both at the people level and Government level. We enjoy a common heritage. Boundaries in the world map would not disconnect our time tested, common cultural ethos. In fact, Nepal as a Federal Democratic Republic country is a truly wholesome example of the beliefs of SanatanaDharma

India and Nepal together represent the SitaRama chandramurthy ideology of PEACE.