“Harm and Benefit” of COVID 19 Pandemic

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“Harm and Benefit” of COVID 19 Pandemic

Struggle for existence, It holds great importance in humans life. Well, undoubtedly this is true, as every individual must struggle for a life with stability in all aspects. Today, the world is being challenged by a pandemic, the novel Corona Virus. Pandemics really are threats to humans civilization as they ravage the lives of the people and animals, spread terror and terror throughout society and paralyze the whole human world. Moreover, pandemics are endemic no single corner of the world is unaffected by them. Within a very short time, they rampantly hook the world.  They are severe in the globalization world like today.

The COVID 19 pandemic has triggered the life of people in every way ranging from work to life of people on every collectively, it has adversely affected the socio-economic and mental health aspect of the people. The roots of fear and anxiety have surrounded people’s minds. With the passage of time, the worldwide spread of novel coronavirus has further led to neuropsychiatric issues such as depression, panic attacks, suicidal death and so on. Similarly, patients who are infected with COVID 19 are at a greater risk of developing mental health problems as they are facing stigma and discrimination from their own family members. This virus is indeed a silent killer as it has been reducing the world’s population in a massive way. Due to the COVID 19 breakdown, the hardest hit sector of the economy is tourism. In the context of our country Nepal, postponing the Visit Nepal 2020 along with the countrywide lockdown has led to the loss of thousands of jobs. The rate of trading has diminished. Nepal, being the fifth most remittance dependent country sends millions of labour migrants abroad. Now, it’s hard to time for all, the families of these migrants are also adversely affected.

The most drastic impact is seen in education. With the unprecedented lockdown most prevents have worries about their children’s education and future as their school education has been altered. 

Talking about the impact of COVID-19 agriculture Nepal being a landlocked country has suffered the most. The travel restriction during the lockdown has affected every stage of the food supply chain including food production and distribution in NEPAL. Farmers are compelled to dump their products as they couldn’t supply them. This has ultimately led to the sudden price hike, black marketing and shortage of products in the local market. The most drastic impact is seen in education. With the unprecedented lockdown, most preventers have worries about their children’s education and future as their school education has been altered. The use of the digital education system to continue the teaching-learning process has further burdened parents with the lead of school fees and online internet fees. It is further stressful for parents with a low income who have to struggle for daily ways of do not have proper internet access as it comprises the learning needs of their children.

The economic crisis have put significant financial pressure on many families, which might increase unhealthy conflict, family breakdown, abuse, depressions and domestic violence.

Another aspect, that I would say is the misinformation and inaccurate conception which are spreading quicker from fake and unauthorized new portal websites, contributing to myths and rumours in the society. Therefore, there is a need to be thoughtful and conscious when communicating on a social platform. A large number of people have assumed lockdown as vacation time and pressurizing others to engage in job-related activities. Contracting COVID19 has increased stigma and social discrimination among the people. Stigma and social discrimination can make it tremendously difficult for healthcare professionals and the government to control this disease. Economic instability has a huge impact on the poverty levels and may lead to problems such as malnutrition and starvation. The economic crisis has put significant financial pressure on many families, which might increase unhealthy conflict, family breakdown, abuse, depressions and domestic violence.

Looking from the other side, Pandemics can provide an opportunity to remake history. They offer chances to people to think, behave and live life differently. Furthermore, they can advance and civilize the human world in a better way. The proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention “indeed holds true. The great problem and deadly casualties not only leave the deep stigma but also open up so many alternative ways of living life and teaching great lessons to the people. Like the previous pandemics, this global pandemic has also opened up ample opportunities to the human world to remake history. No doubt, it is a virus war upon the human race and civilization. This is a challenge but also an opportunity for us to enlighten something from the worse. It is sure that people have changed their lifestyle, behaviours, activities, in this period of time. It’s we, who are fighting against the pandemic. Today, the people are suffering more by the horror and terror of Corona than by its infection and casualties. But it’s actually a life lesson for us to learn from these situations not to panic at all and act calmly.

The most important aspect today is health consciousness, which I bet most of the people are due to this pandemic.

Together with challenges, we must reckon the fact that there are some positive changes in our lives due to this pandemic. Proceeding with the educational aspect, the use of E-learning today has created a better and enthusiastic way of self-learning in the students. Also, various students find it easy to interact much on an online platform rather than classroom learning. The most important aspect today is health consciousness, which I bet most of the people are due to this pandemic. Indeed people today are much more consciously which is a good thing to prevent the spread of this virus. People have found various strategies to develop immunity to fight this disease. People have thought of alternative ways in their household activities too. The crops are grown in the household gardens in order to prevent outgoing and buying activities. Another great benefit is working from home, less movement and use of transform has greatly reduced the carbon emissions. This is a great benefit to preserve nature. Decreasing carbon emissions alone from daily commute significantly improve the air quality. The world of therapeutic and medicine has got a chance to do various research and to give out the most awaited thing, the vaccine against COVID 19. In the context of developing countries like Nepal, the government can think to establish various research centres, medicinal industries, increase the number of hospitals as the crisis felt during the pandemic by the local people. Today it is important to orient the people towards a natural local lifestyle and launch health awareness programs on an online platform in order to remain healthy is mandatory. We must learn a great lesson that precaution, prevention and preparation are necessary to deal with these pandemics.

To sum up,
pandemics are both challenges and opportunities. On one hand, they destroy human lives, collapsing humanity and economy while on the other hand, they help to dismantle the evils of inhuman culture and structure and establish the whole world as a good place for humans dwelling with equality, justice, life-affirming philosophies, cordiality, humanity, peace, harmony, prosperity and true civilization advancement where a human behaves other humans as a human-like himself/herself. Corona, prevalent today can also be death initiating and life-reforming bringing the whole world together with the feeling of real humanity in order to remake human history. Nepal, an economically backward nation, though suffering from the hazards of Corona, can learn a great lesson from it and start from today building a nation with full commitments, dedications and strategies abolishing all the inequalities, corruptions, middle-manliness and discrimination. Overall, it’s an experience for each individual but actually, it depends on which way we take it. Let’s all think positively and fight against this disease. Let’s not neglect our health. Let’s move hand in hand to end this pandemic. Our motto should now be “Think globally, act locally”. Undoubtedly, a small effort individually will result in a huge achievement collectively.

Dipesh Kumar Shah
Third-year (5 th Semester)
Geomatics Engineering
Himalayan College of geomatic engineering and land resources management
Kathmandu, Nepal

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