How To Have A Healthy Relationship?

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How To Have A Healthy Relationship?

What is a healthy relationship? 
While this isn’t a one size fits all situation, the basics remain the same for all. Trust, compatibility, security, mutual respect and understanding, compromise are some of the pillars on which relationships thrive. It takes two to build, break or repair a relationship and two to put as many efforts for it to survive. Here are some ways you can work on having a strong, healthy relationship with your partner and make bonds for life.

1. Rule: Love Yourself Immensely
2. Rule: Maintain A Comfortable Pace
3. Rule: Be Honest, Always
4. Rule: Stay Independent
5. Rule: Give Importance To Equality
6. Rule: Redefine Your Intimacy
7. Rule: Get Your Values Aligned
8. FAQs: How To Have A Healthy Relationship

Rule 1: Love Yourself Immensely

Relationship Rule 1: Love Yourself Immensely

One way to have a healthy relationship with your significant other is by identifying yourself and accepting yourself for who you are. Unless you are in love and comfortable with yourself, you won’t be able to contribute dearly to your relationship. The first strategy is to love yourself and embrace all your faults and vice; that’s what makes you who you are and shapes you as an individual.

Rule 2: Maintain A Comfortable Pace

Relationship Rule 2: Maintain A Comfortable Pace

Insecurities and miscommunications arise when you and your partner are not in the same place. Take each day at a time, and enjoy your relationship in the present. Get to know each other completely before you take prominent steps in your relationship, whether it is moving in together or deciding to tie the knot. Ensure you both are in the same place, or it can disrupt the harmony of a healthy relationship.

Rule 3: Be Honest, Always

Relationship Rule 3: Be Honest, Always

No matter how difficult and bumpy this road might seem, there is always a beautiful destination ahead. There’s a reason why honesty is considered the best policy in life; it simplifies the complications and lets you see things as is. This helps when you are trying to hold no bars and to avoid unnecessary arguments. In a healthy relationship, you must have the strength and confidence to bare your soul and be truthful about how you feel and what you do. They may not always like it, but it is better than keeping them from the truth.

Rule 4: Stay Independent

Relationship Rule 4: Stay Independent

Keep your individuality intact. Take time to work on yourself and make yourself stronger. You or your partner need not be informed or actively a part of every decision or part of your life. Sometimes, giving that required space reflects on the strength and depth of your understanding and trust towards each other that makes your relationship healthy.

Rule 5: Give Importance To Equality

Relationship Rule 5: Give Importance To Equality

In a healthy relationship, it is extremely crucial to treat each other with respect and equality. There needs to be a sound balance between the both of you. Don’t consider your needs and expectations to be more important than your partner’s and vice versa. Be accommodating of each other’s needs, wishes and interests. There are times when you will, however, be putting in a lot of efforts in terms of time, emotions, money but you need to realise it is for the greater good of the two of you and to make the relationship healthy.

Rule 6: Redefine Your Intimacy

Relationship Rule 6: Redefine Your Intimacy

Intimacy is often a grey area where couples falter but are not open to discussing and addressing them. If you notice your intimacy with your significant other has taken a hit – small or big, it’s time for you to change what’s wrong. However, intimacy is not just physical but also about the smaller moments you spend with your significant other – holding hands, exchanging love notes, or as plain as sitting next to each other and watching your favourite movie. These are smaller ways you can connect with your partner and slowly build on your bond and eventually, a healthy relationship.

Rule 7: Get Your Values Aligned

Relationship Rule 7: Get Your Values Aligned

A healthy relationship doesn’t always have to be foolproof; in fact, there never is such a thing as a perfect relationship. However, knowing how to turn difficult situations around to benefit you and your partner, in the long run, makes all the difference. Sit down and have a chat about what are your goals, what you expect from each other, where do you find yourself in the next couple of years, professionally and personally and fix all the miscommunication patterns. This will bring down any friction you may be going through and evolve your relationship to the next level.

FAQs: How To Have A Healthy Relationship

How to building a healthy relationship

Q. What are the essential virtues of building a healthy relationship?

A. Trust, value, self-independence, honesty, equality and open communication are some of the most important virtues that contribute to a solid, healthy relationship and helps it stand the test of time.

Q. Is not being able to talk openly with your partner healthy in a relationship?

A. Communication is essential throughout a relationship. If you are uncomfortable or unable to communicate with each other, there is something that is not going right, and you need to fix it immediately. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if you are unable to identify the cracks yourself.

Q. How to improve intimacy for a healthy relationship?

A. Intimacy is about emotions and desires. You need to be emotionally fulfilled to be able to stand tough to the time. Spend time together more often, take efforts to do things together and get talking, keep an open channel of communication, address and approach, accept your partner’s issues or opinions and figure out a way to deal with things mutually rather than having two different approaches.

Q. How can we communicate better in a healthy relationship?

How to better in a healthy relationship

A. Communication is essential, but there is no textbook rule to attain the desired communication. It is always a work in progress. It grows with the time you spend with each other and the patience you keep while giving each other the space to grow. It is a trial and error method throughout; however, once you connect, you will find communicating easier too.

Q. How to build trust in a failing relationship?

A. A relationship fails for various reasons; you need to spot the reason why your relationship is failing. Once you have done that, work towards not repeating the same mistake twice, and it goes for both partners. It is a joint effort, and each individual’s contribution makes a difference. Once that’s done, resolve your differences by clearly expressing your views and thoughts and placing your expectations on the table. Come to a middle ground and start building your trust thereon. It takes time, but if you focus and work towards it, you’ll reach there.

Q. Is it okay to seek professional help if our relationship is going nowhere?

A. Yes, it’s completely alright to seek professional help if you don’t seem to find a solution to your problems. Often external advice and a third person opinion help to identify the cracks that you may have missed.

– Aishwarya Acharya