GoPro: A True Story- Nicholas Woodman

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GoPro: A True Story- Nicholas Woodman

Nicholas Woodman. Who overcame a failure to achieve massive success. He was born on 24 June 1975 in California, USA. His father Dean woodman was the co-founder of investment banking firm Stephen Robertson.

Woodman went on to attend the University of California and earned his BA degree in visual arts with a minor in creative writing, in 1997.
He initially started two companies which were unsuccessful in his venture. His second startup was a marketing and gaming platform he started in 1999 called Funbug. 
It attracted $3.9 million in funding but had closed down by April 2001 since it was unable to find enough users.

On a vacation to Australia and Indonesia while surfing he came to an Idea of wearable digital camera which allows him to take his photo by himself while surfing.

He worked eighteen-hour days to develop his prototype and eventually unveiled his first GoPro in September 2004. Now it’s a sportsman camera used by world on the Go. Thinking of something which could solve his problem taking photos while surfing made him a great Entrepreneur giving a GoPro as a gift to the world.

Moral of the story:

He attributes his success to his belief that you are your own worst enemy or greatest supporter. His story is a reminder that success can also come from failure.

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