Don’t want to do what I had done in “Mumbai”?

लेखक : लेखापढी      २ श्रावण २०७७, शुक्रबार १४:३२ मा प्रकाशित     
Don’t want to do what I had done in “Mumbai”?

A biker gangster drove to the nearby town to purchase some stuff of his need.
After buying his stuff, he parked his one-piece bike in town in parking and went to grab a beer in a bar.
After a couple of drink, he got an emergency call of a friend and had to leave from the bar. When he reached the parking, he could not see his bike on the parking it was gone was stolen.

He went back to the bar took out his gun in the air above his head and fired into the ceiling.” which one of you stole my bike’’ he screamed but nobody answered. “Alright I’m going have another beer and if my bike isn’t in the parking by the time,
I finish I’m going to do what I had done in Mumbai and seriously “I don’t like to do what I had done in Mumbai’’. Some of them started skipping from the bar.
He finished his beer and walked outside and his bike was returned to the parking where he had left.
He started his bike to ride out of the town.
The bartender came running to the biker and asked “I’m so curious to know what had happened in Mumbai? please tell me before you go?’’ The biker turned back and said “I had to walk home’’!!

Achyut Giri
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