Sunny Jungle: Unity is Strength

लेखक : लेखापढी      ३० असार २०७७, मंगलवार ०४:१३ मा प्रकाशित     
Sunny Jungle: Unity is Strength

Once upon a time on a sunny day in a green jungle, where there is full of life and happiness. suddenly, lightning flashes a tree with a big crash and a fire starts so quickly in a blink.

The nearby Parrot sees the fire and screams fire!! fire!! fire!!
a scared bunny yells, what should we do?

He starts running here and there alerting everyone about the fire and asking help! We should flee, said the vulture as it flies away.
Some of us cannot run away from the fire, said the snake. “I agree,” said the momma bird in her nest. “we should work together to put out the fire’’ said the wise tiger.
The animals in the jungle came together and started to plan to get rid of the crisis. Monkey came with the plan of making a basket,
hippos fill the baskets with water. water buffaloes pull the baskets closer to the fire, elephants started farting to make a wind to blow. But the fire gets bigger and starts getting spread rapidly “we need more water” said the clever tiger.
They had to come up with something new Together, they discussed a new plan whisper, whisper, whisper and Bingo! Beavers started chopping down bamboo. They poke holes in the centre of the bamboo.
Everybody started working according to the capabilities and ability as a ‘Team’. They joined the bamboo-like pipes together. Soon water started flowing from the waterfall through the bamboo to the fire. Monkeys on the elephants aim the bamboo hoses at the fire. It took a long time to fight the fire. Birds started bringing water to the thirsty firefighters.

Finally, the fire got out and no one was in danger. Hip! Hip! hooray, shout the jungle animals! our homes are now safe.
The happy animals celebrate with a big party. Tiger thinks about the day together we could fix the jungle fire. It took our hard work and work together as a team to bring harmony as it belongs to all the animals in the jungle!
A fire burns their jungle, what should have the animals done?
They had only two options: They could run away or work together to save their homes!!
                                “They are wise & work together to stop the fire.”

Moral of the story: -
Whatever the situation we don’t have to panic. Either it’s a problem at the home, office, school, college or society.
we need to come together to solve and evaluate whether the leader is leading and showing the right path and follow them. We can work as a team according to our strength to resolve the problem.

 Jayanti Singh 
Bajhang, Farwestern Nepal
(Now Studied in Bangalore, India)
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